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The Sanctuary Duet

A gifted young portrait artist and historian believes his magic is a divine gift to the world and that such a responsibility demands discipline and sacrifice to wield it well. When his life crumbles under the weight of conspiracy, corruption, and murder, he must find answers hidden in a city necropolis, in a two-centuries-old massacre, and beyond the boundaries of the world.

Dust and Light New American Library/Roc ISBN #978-0451417244 (trade ppb) ASIN: B00LML647O (unabridged audio)
2015 RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award, Best Fantasy, Finalist
Ash and Silver Penguin Random House/Roc ISBN #978-0451417268 (trade paperback) ASIN: B015QHSSLE (unabridged audio)
Fantasy Book Cafe Favorite Books of 2015


The Novels of the Collegia Magica

A trio of unlikely confidential agents - a disillusioned student of magic, a foppish nobleman, and a brooding practitioner of the dark arts - are hired to investigate murder and hauntings in a world where natural science has supplanted failing magic. Amid murders, plots, shifting loyalties and extraordinary sorcery, the three agentes confide must ally with a disgraced young woman to explore the boundaries of magic, death, and the divine.

The Spirit Lens New American Library/Roc ISBN #978-0451463111 (trade ppb) #978-0451463739 (mass market ppb) ASIN: B006FSTQBU (unabridged audio)
2011 Colorado Book Award, Finalist
The Soul Mirror New American Library/Roc ISBN #978-0451463746 (trade ppb) #978-0451463999 (mass market ppb) ASIN:B006FS2950 (unabridged audio)
2012 Colorado Book Award, Winner
The Daemon Prism New American Library/Roc ISBN #978-0451464347 (trade ppb) #978-0451464712 (mass market ppb) ASIN: B006ST568S (unabridged audio)


The Lighthouse Duet

A stolen book of maps plunges a renegade sorcerer into a world of secret societies, doomsayers, fanatics, princes, and madmen. Yet only in the twilight of myth does he discover the truth of the coming dark age and the glorious, terrible price of the land's redemption . . . and his own.

Flesh and Spirit New American Library/Roc ISBN #978-0451460882 (trade ppb) #978-0451461568 (mass market ppb)
2009 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, Winner (with Breath and Bone)
2008 Colorado Book Award, Finalist
Breath and Bone New American Library/Roc ISBN #045146186X (trade ppb) #978-0451462473 (mass market ppb)
2009 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, Winner (with Flesh and Spirit)
2009 Colorado Book Award, Winner


The Bridge of D'Arnath

A child with secrets, a sorcerer with a broken mind, a woman armed only with courage and wit, and an illiterate boy who knows everything of honor...ensnared in a plot to plunge two worlds into chaos...

Book 1: Son of Avonar WordFire Press ISBN #978-1680573145
Book 2: Guardians of the Keep WordFire Press ISBN #978-1680573169
Book 3: The Soul Weaver WordFire Press ISBN #978-1680573183
Book 4: Daughter of Ancients Coming soon!
2006 Prism Award, Best Romantic Fantasy, Winner
2006 Colorado Book Award, Finalist


The Books of the Rai-kirah

The arrogant heir to a desert empire and an enslaved sorcerer beset by haunted memories explore the roots of history, the price of destiny, and the transforming power of the human spirit...

Transformation New American Library/Roc ISBN #0-451-45795-1
2005 Geffen Award, Best Translated Fantasy, Winner
2000 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award. Best First Fantasy, Finalist
2000 Barnes & Noble Maiden Voyage Award. Best First Fantasy, Finalist
Revelation New American Library/Roc ISBN #0-451-45842-7
Restoration New American Library/Roc ISBN #0-451-45890-7
2002 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, Best Epic Fantasy, Finalist
2007 Geffen Award, Best Translated Fantasy, finalist


Standalone Novels

Song of the Beast New American Library/Roc ISBN #978-0451464231
To discover the truth of his brutal imprisonment, a musician must unlock the mind of his god and the heart of his enemy...
Winner of the 2004 Colorado Book Award, Genre Fiction


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